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Tantric Tami - Curator


Tami Rose has studied Tantra for more than 12 years.  She is a level six Tantric Yogini and yet feels like there are vast Oceans left to learn and experience.  She welcomes you on the journey of exploration of craving and fulfillment and all the joys and sorrows experienced therein. 



Tantra Yoga is a journey of self discovery.  Whether you practice alone or with a partner we are all seeking that peak ecstatic experience.  The tantric journey involves a lot of curves and altitudes on the way there though.  Its not about the destination it is about the journey.

Live With Passion & Purpose


At it 's heart the essence of Tantra Yoga is just you and the breath.  We all seek balance and wellness but when making changes in yourself changes in your space often come next.  So check our our yoga shop for Yoga mats and meditation supports and take a peek at our intimacy enhancers and Tantric Aids